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Autorak - Everything for diesel

AUTORAK company was founded in 1992 and from the beginning specializes in the distribution of spare parts of injection equipment for diesel engines. Our brand name is:

The company started as an distributor of spare parts from a local manufacturers: nozzles, delivery valves, plungers and barrels. With time, started cooperation with Italians manufacturers, becoming at the same time an authorized distributor of BOSCH spare parts. The company has also extended the offer of diesel equipment service, becoming a partner for every diesel service.

Now AUTORAK is one of the largest suppliers on local market and cooperates with suppliers from global market. The warehouse holds vast stock of OEM and best quality replacement parts for diesel, covering most diesel fuel injection systems. AUTORAK also offer help in the comprehensive equipment service in diagnostic tools.

AUTORAK - one of the largest partners BOSCH POLAND

Diesel Spare Parts

AUTORAK is a distributor of spare parts for fuel injection systems (including gasoline systems) for all types of vehicles and stationary engines. The company offers the largest in Poland warehouse: injection pumps, injectors, unit pump injectors, nozzles, valves, sensors, seals and every other fuel system components mounted in the oldest and the newest diesel engines. In addition, it offers sensors and valves for engine controls, turbo systems and professional chemistry workshop.

We have:

  • 3 150 m³ – warehouse area
  • 150 000 - pruducts in stock
  • 36 - people in our team

Diesel Diagnostic Equipment

The offer of diagnostic measurement systems and specialty tools is complementary to the spare parts offer proposal for workshops and diesel services.

AUTORAK is partner for every service specializing in the repair of both traditional and modern injection systems. The company is authorized for BOSCH and HARTRIDGE measuring devices. The company also offers tools and diagnostic devices of other leading manufacturers.

DLUX Remanufactured

AUTORAK offers a comprehensive range of remanufactured Common Rail, EUI, PDE Injectors, Smart Injectors and pumps on an Exchange or Customer repair program. Line of remanufactured products DLUX REMANED contains core units repaired with using original spare parts, based on manufacturer technology. All units are checked on the basic OE test plans and OE homologated test equipment (BOSCH, HARTRIDGE).

DLUX REMANED is product line of remanufactured injectors and injection pumps Common Rail system, leading manufacturers: BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO and SIEMENS/VDO (additional smart injectors DELPHI system). DLUX REMANED contains also Unit Injectors, EUI, PLD for truck and passenger cars such as: BOSCH, DELPHI and SIEMENS/VDO.

Line of remanufactured products DLUX REMANED contains core units repaired with original spare parts, based on manufacturer technology.
The repair process involves three man stages:

  1. cleaning and verification
  2. assembly and adjustment
  3. testing and coding

All units are checked on the basic OE test plans and OE homologated test equipment (BOSCH, HARTRIDGE). All remanufactured items have attached report test with the logo of manufacturer.


DLUX REMANED offers repaired Common Rail injectors: BOSCH, DELPHI and SIEMENS/VDO also full capabilities of checing DENSO injectors and partially fix them.


Offer DLUX REMANED consist special type of DELPHI system Smart Injectors. All units have original spare parts and protocol of testing.


Product line offers repaired Common Rail injection pumps: BOSCH (CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4), DELPHI (DFP1, DFP3, DFP4, DFP6), DENSO (HP0, HP2, HP3) and SIEMENS/VDO (DW10, DW10BTED, DV4TD, LYNKS, K9K, LION V6). The repair process involves verification of parts selection, mechanical repair, checking and testing with protocol.

VP Pumps

DLUX REMANED line offers VP30/44 rotary pumps. All units are repaired using technology of manufacturer and testing and programing on EPS815 stand.

Unit Injectors Pump

Offer includes UIS, EUI, PLD for passenger cars and trucks: BOSCH, DELPHI, also checking unit injectors SIEMENS/VDO.